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Marathon Countdown

Friday the 13th brings bad luck, but the day after it is followed by Saturday the 14th, a Festival of Nonograms.

Saturday the 14th will be a great holiday for players who will be able to compete with each other in solving nonograms. The goal of the competition is to solve as many nonograms as possible within 24 hours.


The competition takes place in 2 categories:

  • TOP

    Solving new pictures. For players who have already solved all existing pictures.

  • OPEN

    Solving pictures by starting at any level before the start of the Marathon.

The podium is waiting for you !!!!

3 winners, in each category, will receive a podium place, eternal glory and a symbolic award.
For each resolved nonogram (on the day of the Marathon), the player receives 10 Coins.

Additional information

  • Nonograms started and ended on November 14th are eligible for the competition.
  • The competition lasts for 24 hours from 00:00 to 23:59:59 CET (Central European Time)
  • Hints will not be available on the day of the Marathon.
  • If the players like this formula, we will repeat the marathons every Saturday on the 14th.
  • Let's talk about the Marathon on the forum: Link