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2020년 10월 12일 월요일 오전 8:38

I have English highlighted but all the forum topics don't translate. Anyone know how to change that?

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2020년 10월 24일 토요일 오후 11:47

Hi.. when I need to use the Forum, I copy the info that i'd like to read, and then paste it into an online Polish to English translator... you might have to feed in a few sentences at a time, depending on have many characters the translator accepts at a time... Tedious, but helpful to know what's going on... :-)

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2020년 10월 25일 일요일 오전 9:27

Many players are Polish and that's why there are many conversations on the forum in Polish. There is no mechanism for translating forum posts, copying to an external translator is the only option today.
If you ask in English, players will respond in English.

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